Connect & Access my "My Book World Edition II (white light)" wirelessly

Due to moving to a new house, and an awkward setup of rooms etc., I may have to locate the router in another room, rather than next to my PC. As it was, my router was next to my PC, with the drive plugged into the router. However, I may have to have the router in another room…several reasons, all too complicated to go into. My question is, which of the following can I do and which is best: 1. Locate the router in room one, with the main telephone line, and get the drive to connect to it wirelessly from room two; 2. Locate the router and the drive in room one, with the main telephone line, and then connect to the drive wirelessly from room two; 3. Locate the router & drive in room two, connected to my PC and the telephone line directly; Comments appreciated


Please note that you will need to connect the drive directly to the router with the ethernet cable. So, option #2 or #3 will be the best for you.

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