Connect a usb with the firm to recover

A few days ago to start the WDTV Live HD Media Player (WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN) showed an error a black screen (see picture) where say that I connect a usb with the firm to recover.

I was not updating, I just start to enjoy a movie.
In the page WD I found the firm WD ( 1.06.43 ), but only find a way to upgrade a firm, no recovery.

Would someone happened to this ?
What is the recovery process ?

Thank you all, greetings.
José Luis
WDTV Live HD Media Player

Do you know what firmware is on your player?

You could try downloading the latest firmware, put the unzipped files on a usb flash drive and see if the player accepts it. Try both USB ports.

There is no recovery firmware only normal firmware which can be used to recover a player.

If that does not work you may have to edit the firmware ver file (with notepad) and change the version from say 1.06.43 to say 2.06.43

The firmware that was installed on the WD TV Live was the 1.06.43_V.
The firmware is available on the web is the 06/01/43.

The procedure for updating firm through the menu is clear.
But I do not see the menu. I see the black screen with the error.

I have firm files unzipped in the root of a USB-FAT32 .
What is the procedure to boot from USB and recover the WD TV Live?

Thank you all, greetings.
José Luis
WDTV Live HD Media Player

When that screen is displayed, you plug the USB disk containing the firmware files into the USB port.

Wait at least 5 minutes.  If it doesn’t restore itself, your device is likely dead.

Hello again.
I found a link on how to do it also exposes.

I did the first test, I modify the version to 1.06.44_V and stayed locked to 3%.

Re-format the USB to FAT32 (with WIN XP and reformatting slow)
I put the files, replacing the version to 1.06.45_V.
I get to 100% charge of the firm (about 2 or 3 minutes) and then reboot. WD logo appeared but returned to charge of the firm (about 2 or 3 minutes.) When it restarted again, I remove the USB, and when it starts keeps the WD logo for a long time without moving. I finally had to disconnecting the power.
When reconnecting, the error appeared again the picture of my first postt.

Does anyone have any idea more?
Place a firm Oldest?
To go on trying?

Greetings to all.