Connect a Airport Express to the hub?

I didn’t get a wifi adapter, when I got the WD HUB.

But I do have an old (2 years) Airport Expres somewhere. Can I connect the Airport Expres via cable to the HUB and then join my network that way? 

It should work. Did you try it? Nothing to lose

No, I havent tried yet - b/c I cant find the airport :slight_smile:

But I will - and I’ll report back as soon as I know…

So, i’ve connected the HUB to an airport expres, which then connects to my router, via wifi. Works fine. Internet access is good.

BUT; moving files from my computer to the hub is crazy slow. (1 min. for a 10MB file). So I have given up on moving files around this way. 

But, I cant say if this is a problem with the airport express or my router or something else…

I have my wd tv live plus hooked up to a network hub that is then wired into an airport express.  I use the airport express as a bridge to my airport extreme base station.  Everything works fine, but the transfers are painfully slow (I’m guessing maybe 10-12 minutes for a 300 MB file)  from my macbook pro to my Toshiba external hard drive that is attached to the wdtv via a USB cable.  I don’t even think about transferring wirelessly, I just attach my eSATA cable to the mac and get it over with quickly.  I can stream some lower bitrate avi movies, but mkv will always stall after the first 30 seconds or so.   

The Airport Express is a 10/100 router I think - try using a gigabit router and see if that helps.

Yup. I have it setup that way.

Airport Extreme <<(Wireless)>> Airport Express <–(Ethernet) --> WD TV Live Hub.

But for the ethernet port on the Airport Express to ‘share’ the net connection, you need to setup a WDS within your WiFi network. And assign the Airport Express as a WDS Remote/Relay.

See HERE for detailed info.