Confusion with WD TV Live HD Media Player


I bought this product with a lot of expectations. But hours after installation, i’m back to support forum to seek some help.

(1) Problem 1:

The user manual says there’s a way to update the firmware even without the network connection. I followed the steps but when i ask the box to do “Device Update”, it always tries to find a network connection and it fails because right now i dont have a LAN cable conencted to it or i dont have one USB dongle (for Wireless). Why is manual saying something else than what’s available in UI??

(2) I see that when i’m trying to play the .vob files, most of the times, it’s not working! But the same files can be played by VLC player on my laptop! If it doesn’t support the .vob, it would be a great disappointment.

(3) I connected a Belkin USB Wifi dongle (havent checked the supported list yet). When i go to Network Settings-> Network Setup -> Automatic. Nothing haapens after a search. It says it couldnt find any network connection. That may be the case that Belkin device may not be supported. What’s more surprising is that the user manual describes a different way to connect to wireless network. But i couldnt find that menu under Network Setup!!

Any help on the above issues, will be highly appreciated.

So far, not so great experience! But i’m hoping things will change…Will wait to see the response here.


I’m providing some additional information here:

The model# is WDBAAP0000NBK-01

The firmware version is 1.02…21.

Please help!


  1.   When you plug a USB device in that has the firmware, you’ll see the NEW FIRMWARE notification on the menu.   Install it from there.

  2.  ???

  3.  The manual assumes that you are using a supported adapter.   OF COURSE the menus aren’t going to be the same if you stick a non-supported device on it…

If you followed all the steps for a USB upgrade, and have the correct files on the USB drive, you don’t need to choose anything in the Settings to initiate the upgrade.

If it’s not saying something like “new firmware detected – would you like to install it?” when you attach the USB device, then it is not recognizing that drive as having proper upgrade files for your device, and there’s nothing you can do to force incorrect updates to be applied.

Make sure you downloaded the correct firmware for your device (i.e. if you have a Live, then make sure you have the files for a Live, and not the files for a Live Plus).

After you successfully update the device, then see if you’re still having problems with .vob files.

Hi RoofinGuy and Tony,

Thnaks a lot for your replies!

I think i tried the same and it didnt show any notification for new firmware.

Do I need to 1st power-up the box and then plug-in the USB stick?

I kept the USB stick plugged-in and then I powered up the box.

On the Wireless question, are you saying if i stick in the correct dongle, it will show the WIRELESS menu as described in the manual?

Anyways, thanks again, i will try it soon and get back.


The firmware will be recognized whether the USB is inserted BEFORE or AFTER the power is on.

It takes a few seconds to index the drive, and as soon as the WD recognizes the firmware files, the menu will change.

And to your wireless question:  Yes.

Hi Tony and Roofin,

Finally, i got a chance to check this. I connected the device to my Net via Ethernet. It automatically found the new firmware and updated. Thanks to all your suggestion. I’m happy that the firmware upgrade completed smoothly.

Now the next thing i want is a USB Wireless adapter. I see quite a few devices are listed there. I already have a Netgear WGR614 v7 router. I’m not sure which wireless adapter sould be compatible with this router. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for your help.


Here is a list of approved devices. For wireless adapters, pay special attention to the version number. If you use a different version than is listed in the chart, it probably will not work.

Approved Devices