Confusion on using the My book Essential


I installed the software on an old XP laptop and started backing up files.  Backing up finished but as soon as i saw i cant drag and drop files (the whole backing up files thing confused me, i just wanted a simple drag and drop) i tried the erase data option in the drive settings. 

So after the number of seconds until clearing data counter was done it said error and then after that i could neither click on the backup or retrieve option same thing for Drive settings option (Set up Drive) that is grayed out as well. Also in the Home tab i can only see my laptop not the harddrive picture.

I tried installing it on another computer, everything was the same and mind you this time i wasnt asked for my password that i set. 

Im really confused on how to work this thing, mainly making sure that my personal data that i stored has been erased for sure, secondly how to make it work again!

hopefully when the above problems are cleared out i would like to learn how to drage and drop files (which i cant at the moment)

oh sorry if i wasnt clear, by everything was the same on the other laptop i meant those options were still disabled.