Confusion between two remote drives

My kids each have single drive MyCloud devices (OS5). I am connected to them for updating, etc, and occasionally Power Supply Failure Alerts. By the time I get the alert, the system is back up and running. Unfortunately, when I set them up, I used the default device name (MyCloud) for both, so I don’t know how to distinguish between them and identify the one with the suspect power supply.
Is there any way of distinguishing between the two remotely? A log hidden somewhere that would register the error? Something else?

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The name for the My Cloud is set in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Device Profile section. There is a field called “Device Name”. Not sure for certain however if that translates to the name used online through the OS5 My Cloud web portal or OS5 mobile apps.

Device Profile


  1. In the Device Profile section of the General page, view or modify the following settings:

Device Name Enter a unique name for your device to identify it on the network. The device name can be up to 15 characters long and cannot include special characters (e.g., @, #, $ etc.).
Description The default description is WDMyCloud<model# >. If desired, enter a different description for your device. The device description can be up to 32 characters long and cannot include special characters (e.g., @, #, $ etc.).
Serial Number Displays the WD-assigned number that identifies the specific unit. This field cannot be updated.

  1. If you made any changes, click Save (appears next to the updated field once a change is made).

Note: Throughout the My Cloud dashboard, the Save and Cancel buttons display only if you make changes.

Edit to add: I suppose one could, if they haven’t done so already, enable Email Alerts and or SMS Alerts in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Notifications section.

Have each My Cloud send an alert to a different email address or SMS phone number, if the My Cloud device name isn’t included in the email or SMS alert.

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Thanks Bennor. Unfortunately, I can’t access the dashboard remotely so can’t check or update any of those settings. I guess it’ll have to wait until I’m on site at some point.

I imagine if you didn’t enable remote dashboard access, you didn’t enable SSH access either?

(I am thinking VPN into the network; then SSH’ing the boxes)

Probably not (it’s been a while). That sounds like it may be and issue. I can take a look next time I have access to them.



We have reached out to you via direct message, so we request you kindly check and reply to your DMs so that we can assist you further.

Tried to submit a ticket, keep getting “There was a problem” so, no-go.

However, I checked the NAS names locally in the dashboard and, in fact, one is labelled WDmycloud, the other is labelled WDmycloud2 - ie they are different. But on the WD MyCloud remote connection app they are both labelled WDmycloud.

Wondering how to move on from here?

OK, here’s the response I got from WD. Apparently, the problem can not be corrected, but at least they answered:

"you are able to name an individual My Cloud on the local area network using the dashboard but when viewed using the web and mobile app, the devices will have the same designation that is MyCloud.
Kindly note that for a My Cloud device there is one admin with an associated cloud access account. We suggest you to have two separate admin e-mail addresses to enable cloud access for each of your individual My Cloud devices to distinguish between them.

I’m just going to suffer, as is.

Wait - - - - are they SERIOUSLY saying you can’t have two WD NAS units associated with the same email address?

. . . .and they don’t view that as a bug that requires fixing?

Well I guess an app that lacks a copy command would logically have more subtle limitations as well. One of many reasons that I have a “less than positive” stand regarding OS/5.

Would appear so.