Confusing user interface

ok so you have a 2 drive wd mirror and want to upgrade drives the most uncunfusing way you can, well dont email wd about it or they will tell you the normal response: before trying anything, backup your stuff… ok so backing up 6tb was easy, not 12tb, ok, so my issue is that in the settings tab of the device it has no option or instructions on how to upgrade drives nor does it help with understanding witch drive is witch, is it: Volume_1, Volume_2, Drive 1 or Drive 2, well i just found that i formatted the wrong drive and now i need to know how to get my 4.2tb of movies back? oh and to setup a new drive you will need to not format anything, not even in the settings part, just go to the small raid change button on the raid page, ignore the part where it says you will need to backup all your stuff, as i found out in JBOD mode you can change 1 drive at a time without having to format every drive on the device, thanks for answering that WD, now how to get back my movies?

Hi @adsdead,

Please refer below link to check how to Upgrade the Drives on a My Cloud Device (RAID Expansion):