Ok, when i plug an external hard drive to the Hub it automaticly syncs and copies the content to the Hub’s hard drive, is thats what it’s supposed to do? I thought you could just plug in the Drive and view movies without tranfering files to the Hub’s hard drive. Is there a setting I’m missing? Any help would be great, thanx.

You have SYNC turned on.   It’s either in the SETUP / SYSTEM or SETUP / OPERATIONS menu.

Two points:

  1. as per above, you want “view all local content” or whatever it’s called, instead of choosing the internal drive OR an attached drive.

  2. this deactivates Auto Synch/Copy although you can use the remote to MOVE or COPY files and folders, however it’s better to do that on a computer in Windows Explorer (under “Network”)

  3. My local content for videos shows my “WDTVLIVEHUB” and my 2TB as “USB1” however apparently I can choose “view local content” from within the Video section instead of the Settings I chose which will then remove those two folders and show just the content.

Sorry my box isn’t handy to give better info but it should suffice. Read the online manual too and experiment with every setting manually.