Confused... one windows pc won't work with ex2

I’m confused here… setup a new ex2 and straight away it works perfectly…

setup with dedicated IP - and latest firmware.

2 linux machines - no problems
2 windows 10 machines (latest updates) no problems
3 tablets (ios & android) no problems
plex server no problems
cloud connectivity no problems
performance/network speed no problems.

Surface Pro 4 - big problems.
I’ve enabled SMB1 and can access the device dashboard. I can successfully ping the device with name and ip address. and it shows up in network computers list (not necessary, but sure, nice to see the device and shares). BUT, any attempt to access the shares with file explorer result in the 0x80004005 error. For the life of me, I can not see a difference between the working windows 10 systems and this Surface Pro machine - except that the Surface Pro 4 runs insider builds.

Anyone have some ideas or solutions? The problem here is that the Surface Pro 4 is the primary system and needs connectivity to the NAS.


Hi ej8899,

You should follow below KBA in this concern: