Confused on Networking Speeds

I am new to WD TV Live and also networking…I have an Actiontec MI424-WR 10/100 router with Verizon Fios 25/25 speed…now when I hook my wd up to the router, and then want to stream a blu ray from the laptop to the wd…does this use the internet 25/25 speed or the 10/100 lan speed? guessing it uses lan side 100Mb speed, correct?..then if I wanted to stream youtube or something that would use my internet wan speed right?

Basically im saying I can get 100Mb speed when using a 10/100 router to the WD and internet speed doesnt matter?

Im sure this might be basic to most so bare with me

If your laptop and WD are on your network you will be using LAN speed for the transfer.  The internet is out of the picture.

OK one more quick question…If I am going to stream a 1:1 bd50 blu ray iso will I get better results by hardwired LAN or USB 2.0?

USB 2.0 and a hardwired Lan can’t really be compared. The WDTV Live has a 10/100Mbps network adapter built in (hardwired LAN) and USB 2.0 is not a network adapter.  If you use a hard drive connected through USB 2.0 you will get optimum speed. If you are asking about a USB 2.0 wireless network adapter connected to the WDTV Live or a hardwired LAN then you will get better speed and a much more reliable connection using wired. In my experience.

I know under optimal conditions 100Mbps hard wired ethernet can acheive close to 90-95% of the 100…so USB 2.0’s 480Mbps can definitely acheive over blu rays native total transfer rate of 54Mbps?..b/c I have never seen my usb 2.0 port transfer any files past 25Mbps ish…but I also have a very slow pc

I just want to make sure hooked up via usb it can show a 1:1 blu ray exactly like how it would be if it was playing via a blu ray player, and if not would ethernet do it

well i just streamed via the usb port a 1:1 blu ray .iso of benjamin button and it was flawless:smileyvery-happy: