Confused by JBOD mode - everything seems to be going on one volume (OSX)


I just got the 2TB white light unit - and seem to be a bit confused.

What I was hoping for, was to set up JBOD - thinking I’d get two volumes (effectively), one for Time Machine backups, and one for me to drop files (i realise they wouldn’t be backed up).

In Finder - i get the usual two shares - MyBookWorld, and MyBookWorld-Backup

I thought I set up Time Machine to point to the latter. I certainly can’t access it via Finder, and when I set up TM I had to enter the user name and password. Everything seemed to work ok.

And I dropped a load of files onto MyBookWorld with no issue.

However, now I seem to think everything is on the same drive. I look in the control panels stats and the extended volume is at 0% capacity - as though it’s not being used, and the regular volume’s capacity adds up considering how much Time Machine is using, plus what I’ve dropped on the drive myself.

When I set up TM - i definitely point it to “WD_Backup on MyBookWorld-Backup” as a drive to select. 

Am I misunderstanding something? Do i have to set up a share for the extended volume or something? 

Can you post a screen shot of the issue? 

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