Confused about raid 0 stripe size

Being an old fart, I still think in terms of what the drive characteristics are (bytes/sector and sectors/track) and would think that a stripe size that matches the number of bytes per track would be the ideal stripe size.  I have two WD1002FAEX drives (1 TB).  I can’t seem to find that info anywhere.  Is that kind of thinking meaningless now?  It would seem that setting the stripe size so that the heads don’t have to move to read/write a block of data would provide the best performance.

I would also think that a cluster size that is a multiple of the stripe size would also improve performance.

Some education please.


I think that information is no longer available due to the changes on the technology.

If you are this concerned about HDD performance, why noy just buy a SSD?

A decent size SSD, ( I have two 128 GBs in a raid  0 ) and then use your platter drives for storage.

If you used 1 SSD and raid 0 your two T-byte drives, you’ll have a great performer.

Sorry this doesn’t answer your question but perhaps will make you satisfied with a good performance setup.