Confused about DLNA

Hi. I’d like to know what is the default behavior for serving media files, because I’m confused about my NAS settings. For instance, to share a private folder to my network, as per the manual, I would need to turn on Media Serving in the Dashboard, and also add it to the list of shared folders in Twonky. However, I’ve just realized that if I were to turn off Media Serving for the same folder in the Dashboard, without removing it from Twonky, it would still list and stream everything as per normal on my network. Is this the default behavior, and if so, what does the Media Serving button actually do? Is that setting only for iTunes?

The manual says: “Media Serving is, by default, set to Off on any share being created. Turning it on will enable the built in Media Server of the My Cloud EX2 to scan the share for supported media files to stream them to DLNA capable devices.” Please correct me if I’m mistaken here, but I am assuming that turning this off should also stop scanning and sharing of the folder entirely? At this point, it seems all I need to do is add or remove any private folder I want under Twonky, and ignore the Dashboard. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading.

Hello, as far as I understand, on the EX 2, the media serving button in the dashboard just tells the Twonky to either scan and serve this folder over the network or not. If you set it up manually within Twonky itself, that I don’t think doing something in the dashboard would change.

I would also recommend you to take a look at the thread below, maybe it will provide some information.