Conflict with VOIP! Please help

Hi I have a little bit of a problem when a call comes in. I’ve  been using WD TV Live and love it!!! I’m connected through wireless reouter and have no problem. I can access everything on my computer,  Youtube and external hardrive connected to the unit.  I also have cable phone or Voip. Thing is when I’m watching something and a call comes in, it automatically stops the video and disconnects from the network. Even if I’m watching something stored on the the hardrive directly connected to the unit. It’s usually no big deal as I’m able to reconnect as soon as the call is over but I still would like to fix this, if possible.  I’ve played around with the settings and network set ups but no luck.  can anyone help me? thanx a lot in advanced.

If you’re watching a local hard drive, it stops playback??? 

That makes very little sense, considering the thing doesn’t NEED the network when you’re watching a local movie.

I’m wondering if there’s something weird going on between your VoIP gateway and your service provider…

If that’s the case, running Wireshark on ANY PC in the network ought to be able to capture what’s going on.

If you want to try that, PM me and I’ll tell you where to upload the data.

exactctly!!! it shouldn’t do that when playing from the hard drive. I’m sending you a pm. hopefully we can sort this out. will post again if able to fix the problem