Conflict file copy (code: 52)

Trying to copy from old OS3 device to my new my cloud HOME device. I had no problem copying one of my OS3 directories but since then I get “conflict file copy (code: 52)” error msg. I have not restarted either device, but have logged out of each and relogged in. No change. What’s up with that. Thanks

If you own a My Cloud Home look at the User Manual and see if it provides any help.
User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Check the Knowledge Base too.
Search Support | Western Digital

User Manual for WDMYCLOUD OS3 1st generation.
My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (

interesting to know, thanks!

I ended up mapping my os3 drive in file explorer after turning on network discovery and was able to connect. It is slow as molasses but is working. My router is AT&T and will not allow uPnP so I can’t do a direct connection. So I just wait. It’ll get there eventually.

Thanks for the info