Conflict between Samsung AllShare aplication and a 2 TB WD My book software

Hi everyone,maybe you can help me pls…From dunno what reason,after i install the WD 2 TB MyBook software i cant use the Samsung AllShare aplication,i ant import any kind of file inAllShare so i can see it on tv…it say that some kind of firewall,antivirus is blocking the server of AllShare…i deleted the av i have,i disabled the Windows firewall and Defender,etc etc…no antivirus program on my pc but still not able to import files in Samsung AllShare aplication…if i unninstal the WD software,there is no problem with AllShare but,unfortunatelly i cant shut down the WD external hdd by that back button it has,only if i pressed for a few seconds…Can anyone help me solve this problem please?Thank you v much

If you are using smartware, check if you have the latest version installed. That could help to solve the conflict. The Allshare application could have a problem when it is unable to access a file that is being used by another program,I would contact Samsung to verify that.

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Thx for answer,but,unfortunatelly i coudnt solve my problem,i have the latest version installed of smartware and Allshare,I dont know what to do more,i just cant understand where is the problem…anyway,thx v much for answering my post…cheers