Conflict between My Cloud Home and My Cloud EX2 Ultra?

I had a perfectly working My Cloud Home on a Windows 10 desktop. In addition to this Home Cloud, I have installed a My Cloud EX2 Ultra.
This works great but now I have lost my Cloud Home on my desktop. This can only be reached via the web.
Strangely enough, both want the same email address and password when accessing the net. I do not understand that, and I want access both on my desktop.


Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Dear Keerti

There is some time difference, I’m in Europe.

I have reported to customer support and have an incident number.

But I thought there might be others with the same experience.

I now see all drives again in explorer, this is because I now enter the same password and username for both.

But I don’t want that. They both log in to

I think they also lose other functions because of this