Confirming functionality of RAID 1 setup / contingency plan queries

I have successfully setup my Live Duo and changed the default configuration to RAID 1 for maximum protection. Whilst I see from the WD control panel via settings / storage that both disks are showing “Good” is there anyway I can navigate to the mirror disk to confirm it’s actually keeping a complete copy as I expect.

Also 2 other queries on what happens if I have a failure :

  1. If a disk fails then I assume I can change it and the system will automatically build up the mirror image again ?

  2. What happens if there is a failure in the Live Duo itself ? Is it a case of physically getting one of the disks out and copying it to a new system. The reason I query is because I would imagine future WD devices would be incompatible ?

Not possible to go on the mirror disk

if a drive fails you can change the failed drive and the raid will rebuild

connecting one of the drives to a computer or another similar enclosure should allow you to retrieve the data with the proper boot disc