Confirmed N750 Latest Firmware Bugs

Okay, received a replacement N750 setup w/ orig firmware.  I used my browser vs. CD for setup.  Default firmware shows only 15 remaining slots left for QoS setup, which is correct.  However, once the latest firmware is installed & you Reset to Factory via Advanced Settings --> Admin --> System or by depressing the Reset button for longer than 10 seconds, FasTrack QoS shows a default of 23 remaining slots left for QoS setup, with things like Apple FaceTime, BitTorrent & games (e.g., XBox Live, Call of Duty), etc. disappear.  No matter how many times you Reset via software, FasTrack QoS settings always show this new default… which is a bug.  You can restore the full 17 preset apps by first reflashing the router w/ the original firmware from the Recovery folder of the installation CD it came with.  Once you update to the latest firmware, these 17 preset apps remain so long as you _don’t_ attempt to then reset to factory settings.  

This is repeatable 100% & can be easily confirmed by Tech Support.  Is it possible this can be escalated to them for a definite fix w/ updated firmware for the N750?  Thanks.

There may be a small memory leak w/ the latest firmware when both Parental Controls & FasTrack QoS are Enabled where sometimes DNS information is forwarded, but the router hiccups & none of my wireless devices can complete loading of a webpage (PC, Mac, iPhone 5, iPod touch 4gens, Nintedo DSi/3DS) until the hiccup is resolved or a hard reboot of the router is performed.  I say may because this may also be tied to my ISP’s DNS setup.  I’ve used Verizon’s/Level 3’s & I’ve not noticed this as much or the duration isn’t as long.  I’ve just turned both Parental Controls & FasTrack QoS off since I don’t have more time to test.  If anything, the aforementioned reset bug is definitely something that should be fixed (and may resolve other issues & seems like a very easy fix).

Great investigative work.

To avoid having to restore old firmware just to reinstate the 17 preset apps, is it possible to add the missing apps manually from a published list of preset apps and their corresponding settings ?

Apart from the password bug, my N750 has been working great for several months just as a wireless router.  I do have DNS proxy, parentel controls, and FasTrack QoS all disabled.

Thanks.  Well, with more testing done, I’ve discovered why my Parental Controls were wonky & why I was having some other troubles w/ this new N750 (intermittent transmission lockups, etc.).  Those issues were caused by a faulty USB 2.0 cable from my WD Elements drive to (any of) the N750 USB port(s).  I’d began to notice, as I went one setting at a time, one connection at a time, that whenever the drive was connected, the intermittent transmission lockups, wifi drops & poor functionality of both Parental Controls & FasTrack that these issues only arose once I’d connected the drive.  Swapped out the USB cord and – BAM! – 5hrs on w/ rock-solid performance, increased throughput, perfect functionality of Parental Controls/FasTrack, no delays or lockups accessing the dashboard while streams to other devices were going on, etc.  This is all w/ DNS Proxy Enabled, as well!  So, I’d advise anyone that has a similar setup (at least one external drive connected via USB) to try swapping out their USB cord to see if some of their MyNet routers’ issues resolve (like they did for me).  (Also, test various ehternet cords, too, as I had tested two different ones just in case the one I’d been using was faulty.  FYI, they were all good; tested after the USB cord was swapped out w/ no issues.)

Just to mention, though, the initial testing of the FasTrack settings removing a good portion of the default 17 preset apps upon using Reset to Factory Defaults is still a firmware bug.  That will still need to be verified by WD Tech Support (as it’s still repeatable 100% of the time) & corrected via new firmware.  I’ll continue to leave this post as “not answered” until the main issue of the FasTrack preset deletions is corrected.

Hope this updated info helps!