Configuring my WD TV Live box

I recently purchased a WD TV Live streaming media player. I have it wired to my hub and the WD Link recognises it on my computer (although I can’t get my Panasonic Viera TV to work with it). However when I try to configure the box and get re-directed to the WD Live login page it won’t accept a password and keeps saying enter the correct password. There is no  ususal “Forgot your password” link on the page so how on earth do I find my password or reset it so I can use the WD TV Live box. Can anyoneone help please?

  1.  You’re in the wrong forum.  The forum for the SMP is here:

  2.  The default password is “admin” as described in the user manual.

  3.  To reset the password, you’ll have to reset the box back to factory defaults.

Sorry but I am new to this game but I will try to get the right forum next time. Thak you for your help anyway.