Configure RAID without Drive/RAID Manager


I have a WD MyBook Studio II running on a MacBookPro with Mavericks via firewire. I have had no data loss but have also uninstalled Driver Manager, using the provided Uninstall tools.

I have filled mirrored 1Tb drives which I’ve swapped with 2x2Tb drives.

When connected the new empty drives only display as a single 4Tb drive. Disk Utility gives me the option to partition, but only as a single driver (RAID 0?)

How can I configure these to be mirrored (RAID 1) when I no longer have Disk Manager installed (and seem unable to download it)?

Many thanks for any help.


You should be able to conect the drive to an older version of the Mac OS, Format as RAID 1 and then it should work properly on Maverick

I just bought one of these drive and I only have Mavericks.  I want to set up a mirrired array.  Do I just need to send the drive back?

Thanks for your response but I don’t have access to an older version of OS X, is there any other way?


Unfortunately as of this moment there is no updated version of  WD Drive manager for Maverick.

Haha get your money back while you can!! WD have done a number on us all and are smiling in our faces.