Configure My Home Cloud DUO with Emby media server

As the last 5 weeks is IMPOSSIBLE to make PLEX work on my Fire Stick Android TV, I’m trying t configure My home Cloud duo Nas with Emby media server.

I don’t find the IP and port, as system onl shows me Internal IP (192.1.1…)


Please refer to the following KBA article: 3rd Party App: How to Enable and Configure Plex Service on My Cloud Home

Good morning Chris,

Plex was working ok for the last year. But you should know that thousands of users like me are having big trouble to use WD MY CLOUD, because is causing incompatibility for the last 5-6 weeks. We are unable to use WD MY CLOUD with Plex

Hi, I am facing same issue. WD is reluctant to provide any updates to My Cloud Home devices be it for Plex or My Cloud Home itself.
I contacted WD for this and they think that :
“Please be informed that Plex is a third-party application and I request you to contact Plex community forum for any issue relate to the update”
So, I contacted Plex Forum and I was redirected to:
Plex for My Cloud Home
I am pretty sure that WD is no longer in the mood to provide you any update, reason is that this is a third grade product, and this is their way of saying “You Get What You Paid For”