Configure as separate drives

Can someone please tell me if it is possible to configure the My Book Live Duo as “two” separate drives like “z” and “y”?

I am looking to use max size as separate drives without RAID0 or RAID1.

I would like to store music on one drive and videos on the the other.  I do not want RAID0 as if one drive dies you lose everything. 


Your post is in the wrong forum.   The forum section for the MBL Duo is here:

A moderator will probably move your post, so keep an eye out for it there.

But to answer your question: no, the Duo cannot be configured as separate volumes per disk. That’s called “JBOD.”  The My Cloud Mirror, EX2, and EX4 have this capability, though.

Without a backup, you risk losing everything, regardless of volumes/raids/etc.