Configuration utility can't read my 12TB G-Raid storage after changed of new casing

My 12TB G Raid storage recently failed to copy files due to the cover logo light turned constant red. When I open up the cover, the upper disc is in constant red light and the lower disc is in blue blinking light. So i send in to the service centre and they replaced me with a new casing.
After the casing changed, I put back the 2 disc and the same problem appear again. I check out some similar issue here in this forum and decided to do a re-configuration to see if I can solve the problem myself but after download the configuraion utility, I follow the instruction and plug in my G raid storage but the configuration utility failed the read the drive. I was stuck at the " Searching for Compatible G-Technology Storage System…"
I am backing up my files in raid 1 mode before it failed and I am using a Macbook pro with latest OS Mojave 10.14.4 and my storage KIT PN: 0G04095. SN: B481200298.
Anyone have this issue? Please help if this can be resolve or I need to send in to service centre again. Thanks

You downloaded the wrong configurator. You need this one: G-RAID w/ TB2 configurator

You downloaded the configurator for the USB only model of G-RAID.

Thank you for your reply. I have downloaded the correct configurator now and had began to rebuild my two 6TB hard disc. It seen taking a long time in this process. I started 6 hours ago and now only completed about 35%. Looks like it may not finish rebuilding through out the night. Is this the correct way to put my 12TB storage back in working condition? and why is this rebuilding process take so long? I have only about 2TB of photos store in the 12TB storage configure to raid 1.

After almost 18 hours of rebuilding my 12TB G raid storage, all flies in the storage are intact and it’s working normally now.