Configuration question - MBL Remote Access

The Settings section of the MyBookLive dashboard has a Remote Access tab, but I can find no definition of “remote access”. All access to the device is via the network and therefore “remote”. What does disabling Remote Access do? Does it just eliminate connection to WD2go? If so, I definitely want to do that - I want not access from outside my LAN. Or does it also eliminate access to the MBL internal web server … eliminating admin access to the dashboard? (After all, a browser in my PC is just as remote from MBL as a user across the country.) I obviously do not want to disable remote access if it eliminates access to the dashboard.

The WD2go and WD My Cloud services are Remote Access. Disabling the option will not allow for remote connections other than FTP.

So if I disable remote access I still have

  • SMB access from PCs on my LAN.
  • browser access to the MBL dashboard from PCs on the LAN.

Is that right?