Configurable Folder Paths

I currently use the WDTV Live+ and am generally happy with it, but am very interested in replacing my two Live + units with this new player.  One feature that I would like is to be able to configure where I have my video files located w/in the player (versus server), and was wondering if the new SMP UI will allow one to do this.

I generally use the WD unit to play back videos stored on my NAS.  So, after power-up I have to select

Video->media server->Diskstation (name of my server)->video (of 3 options; music, photo, video), and then I’m at where I want to be.

What I would like is to be able to press video (first one in above stream of button pushes) and have it bring me right to the main video folder on my NAS without having to select media server and my NAS, etc.

Can anything like this be done with the new SMP?

Appreciate any input.


Yes, you can.   Under the setup menu and operation, there is option to program the 0 --> 9 keys on the remote.   On mine, I set 0 to go straight to my movies folder on my NAS.  It is rather limited though as you can not assign one button to a certain path and another button to a different path.

Yes. The last media server used is remembered. The next time you select videos, you will be presented the content without having to navigate thru the server listing.

Outstanding - thanks radye and Tony.

Tony, how do you like the SMP versus the Live/Live +?

Seems like a winner from the reviews and features.