Config MyCloud vs MyBook on Mac

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Looking for advice on the best way of setting up a sync/back up network as I’m a complete amateur with this.

I currently have an external MyBook Studio of 4TB attached to my iMac, currently half filled with photos. I bought a MyCloud Home 4TB that would serve as a safe haven in case something goes wrong however at the same time would give me the flex to work in the cloud and manage my photos anywhere, with subsequent changes saved and synced back to MyBook Studio. What is the best and safest way of doing this?

I read in the manual that MyCloud can backup USB devices, however the WD Discovery software, whilst recognising both MyBook and Cloud, doesn’t give me the option to have one mirroring the other. I presume therefore that this only works if I connect my Book to the Cloud drive directly? If this were the only/best option, can I do this without running the risk of losing any content as this is almost working in reverse as you’d probably connect a backup drive to the Cloud drive to back up the Cloud rather than the other way around. Ultimately, I don’t mind which one serves as a back up, the initial idea I had was to keep the current MyBook connected to the iMac as this is typical the first source to upload new content to, and with the USB3 connection also a lot quicker.

I have downloaded the MySync software and experimented with that. When I select “configure a storage device” it doesn’t recognise any devices nor does it accept me to login to myCloud. The other function “Share with myCloud” does seem to work but I understand this always creates a duplicate folder on the iMac, which isn’t serving what I am trying to achieve, ie offload all content in the Cloud with a backup when changes are made to the content in either location (cloud or book).

I understand TimeMachine can be set up to only backup myBook and exclude the HD in the iMac thereby potentially achieving what I am looking for, if I select the Cloud as a source disk. However, don’t think it works the other way around if I make a change in the Cloud it will be synced to MyBook?

There is a lot of information out there from WD however no manual seems to contemplate the above scenario in a clear and easy manner. Therefore any step by step guide/help is much appreciated as I’m sure this should be feasible somehow.

Many thanks

Hey Kevin,

My Cloud Home features the Sync Function but it requires two smart devices which works independently like the Computer and the My Cloud Home device itself. The My Book Studio is an External Hard Drive and requires a computer to run so it cannot be synced through the Sync feature of My Cloud Home. To know more about “Sync with My Cloud” feature of your My Cloud Home device. You can refer the below mentioned KBA article.

The best way that I can recommend is to Backup Your My Book Studio drive to your My Cloud Home via USB Backup and please be informed that My Cloud Home features USB import Backup only. You can setup the incremental backup on the My Cloud Home device after connecting the My Book Studio with it via USB. To know the steps about how to configure USB Backup, you can refer to the link given below.