Conectivity isues

Hi guy’s, Iv’e been using my WD cloud drive very sucsefully for many month’s now untill I recently attemted to update the firmware without noticing it had already updated itself. My problem is  firmware got updated but it didn’t reboot itself, so I tried a reboot via the dashboard and after a long wait I was informed I now have  conectivity isues. Could someone please explain in simple terms how I go about fixing this, everything is very slow even though I can access my drive contents but most time just searches and crashes inbetwee video or picture’s.


It sounds like your drive may have initiated a fsck (similiar to chkdsk) and verified the file system prior to booting up. This is a precautionary measure that the drive will take if for some reason it believes that it needs to. fsck usually finishes within 10 minutes, unless there is some repair needed. If you are still experiencing this problem, please contact support directly.

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