Conection to My cloud

My wd mycloud is connected to power / internet router, I can access content of my cloud from my Android devices but not my pc, any advice please.

More information is needed. Is the “pc” running Windows 10? If not what operating system is it running?

If Windows see the following WD Kowledgebase Article. Microsoft disables SMB 1.0 in recent updates to Windows and in new PC running Windows.

Thank you for your reply but my son has sorted the problem out for me. thank you again.

Hi guys,

I face the issue with My Cloud.
Even by enabling SMB support, it does not show up…

Any idea about other thinks to do ?

If using Windows 10 see the following post that has additional things to check in Windows 10. Particularly ensure you have configured Windows 10 Network connection to Private not Public.

If the computer is using a WiFi connection, consult your WiFi router’s administration page to ensure the WiFi network isn’t isolated (often called WiFi Isolation) from the rest of the network and that all devices are receiving an IP address within the same subnet (example: 192.168.1.x).

I tried most of the tips here above. Whthout success.

I made th eW10 fall update one month ago but it kept on working.
I tranfered data 2 days ago and I just discovered today It does not work anymore…

I only receive today the corrective update KB4481031

Don’t know if it is the reason ?

Remove the update but the problem is still there…