Conection speed for WD TV Live Plus / Netflix

 I have a WD TV Live Plus and want to use Netflix

I have a quest dsl and novia for a provider. conection speed is 256k

Netflix will not work at all but youtube does. Although not very fast.

I suspect the conection speed is not fast enough for netflix.

We are viewing on a 26" TV so we may not need the highest resolution.

Quest can change the speed of our connection to 3meg per second.

Now for the question, If I change provider to Quest and the 3meg speed, will the WD TV Live Plus operate Netflix?


I have AT&T DSL and I have their 3 Meg service. When I test my download speed I actually get about 2.6 Mbits. Netflix looks pretty good on my 42 inch Plasma TV, so you should be OK with that speed.