Concern About Overheating

This might seem like a silly question, but…

Is it perfectly safe to leave it on and running 24/7, 365 days a year? I’m not sure whether to think of the MyCloud as an always on device, like a router or a modem, or an external hard drive. I’ve had issues with external hard drives overheating in the past, if left on all the time, especially during the summer.


The instructions say that it will turn itself off if it starts to “over heat.” I’m not so much talking about such extreme situations, but rather about proper maintanance. Is it “normal” to leave it turned on all the time? I’m thinking it probably is, since it doesn’t have an on/off switch like a removable drive.

The only time mine has been powered down is when I moved it and when the utility failed. It’s been on 24x7 otherwise, for well over 8 months now.

Thanks TonyPh12345, that’s very helpful!

Do other people agree? Is that how you use it?

To me how each person uses it is up to them.


See the User Manual, and read Important User Information. Follow the installation instructions.


Mine has been on 24/7 for several months too. It is installed according to the instructions, has plenty of room for air circulation. My home is air conditioned, I am not worried about the hot Texas summers.


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