Concatenating a Raid HDD in to one large HDD

I have the following set up which has worked very well for quite some time

  • 1 x My Book Studio Edition II (4TB Raid) attached to my MacMini
  • 1 x My Book ThunderBolt Duo (4TB Raid) used as a back up and stored off-site

The problem is 2TB is no longer enough and to upgrade two Raid HDD at the same time is not cheap.

As my iTunes Folder is greater than 2TB i need to combine the external HDD’s to make them 1x4TB each

So, I am looking for a short term solution which is to make both HDD 4TB Spanned / Concatented.

Is this actually possible and if yes, how do I do it?

Appreciate any help anyone can give me, thx

Hi chilliLOUNGE, currently this is not possible, I would go with the 8TB ThunderBolt Duo.