Computer wont recognize WD Passport Drive -


I have some good news for you guys that are having trouble getting windows to recognize your WD Passport External Hard Drive.  I used my passport to try and transfer movies from my DVR HD to the passport in order not to lose tapped movies I had recorded on my DVR hard drive which became defective and had to be returned…long story short, you need a 500gb external drive powered by house current not USB to transfer movie files to an external hard drive… the DVR formatted my passport and then froze (remember the DVR was defective)…well after reading these posts for 3 hours I soved the problem and you can too…You need to use DISK Management to located the unrecognizable drive in windows ( I have windows vista)…it was hard to know which “volume” to remove …the solution was simple… I just removed the passport from the usb port and and then reinserted the usb plub from the passport back into the computer and watched which “disk” or drive appeared.   In my case it was Disk 1, which had not drive letter but was “working properly”  according to the properties on that disk…  so I right clicked one of the two boxes highlighted under Disk Management and it said “remove volume”  , I said ok, and it gave me  a warning that the data was an unknown origion and would be erase, do you want to proceed… I said yes, and low and behold…it gave me the next option to “format the drive”  remember to choose NFTS for the operating system.  I did this for both boxes and it gave a single NEW Drive with a letter… Now windows could access the Passport Drive…I copied all the files I had previously saved on my pc back on the passport and Im ready to go,…and by the way…the WD Passport 250GB works just fine under Windows 7…    Hope this helps alot of people…this was my last attempt to correct the problem which was listed on another post previously…good Luck…you can respond here and I will try to help anyone through this…Good LUck…Pinesman 7  [Deleted]


Thanks for sharing… this should help a lot of new guys.

For feature reference, DVR’s uses a unique format that will make it imposible for the drive to show up on a computer.

If you want to expand the capacity of your DVR, will be better if you use the WD My DVR Expander, that’s a great product.