Computer will not boot up on first try after installing My Book

I have a Dell Studio 435MT running Win 7 64.  After I installed a My Book Essential via USB, the computer will not boot up on the first try.  It freezes at the Dell logo on startup.  I have to manually power down the computer by holding the start button for about 6 seconds.  When I start up the computer the second time, it will start OK.  It is very consistent.  I have to do this every time I want to power up my computer.

I tried disconnecting the USB connector from the My Book and it powers up fine on the first try.  I am assuming that my power up situation is due to the My Book.  Any ideas?

Check your BIOS, you might have the Boot From USB enable, if this is the case, disable this option or move the boot order to have the internal drive as the first boot device.

I have an HP laptop and experienced a similar situation. It boiled down to too many USB attachments. Had a total of 8 as I recall. (3 hubs) Unplugged anyone of them and the boot was normal.

Just a thought