Computer slow - My Passport Essential SE

Just installed My Passport Essential SE and noticed a slowdown in performance.  It takes longer to launch apps, launch webpages, etc.  Even after I power off and remove the drive, system is slow.  I am running Windows 7 Professional OS.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Uninstall Smartware… that’s it!

Thanks for the reply, but I didn’t install the Smartware.  Just wanted to save files to disk.  Does it create another process running int the background taking up memory or something?   Thanks for your help.

In certain PC’s antivirus programs create unnecessary resources hog when WD Passport drives (with VCD) connected. I use same drive with Avira free but I don’t have any issue. But I am running with VCD disabled. Temporary uninstall Norton Avira or any other AV and see if performance change. Or you could hide VCD if you don’t use password drive lock.

Launch Task manager and see which app is using more CPU time.