Computer message (dropped) "USB device drawing too much power from computer"...?

I accidentally dropped an external drive that fell two feet to my carpeted floor. I think it is screwed but I thought I’d check to see if anything can be done to save my files.When I connect it to my computer I get a message saying that the device is drawing too much power and my computer has disabled it in order to prevent damage to my computer, a Mac pro using Snow Leopard 10.6.5.This seems like a good idea of course.

 Does this give any indication or clue of what the damage to the drive is and whether or not there is any solution besides throwing the thing away ? I think most of these files are backed up in other places but ,silly me, I do not have an exact copy of a list of files that were on this drive so I might have to check my other drives by utilizing my cerebral memory function to elicit that list information.This is a painful process I would like to avoid as my brain is already over taxed.

 Any advice or comment would be appreciated especially if it really helps my situation.




Does this situation happens with all the USB devices? Also have you test your drive using a different computer?