Computer issue-software download


My computer needs to be reformatted and when I need my My Book backup most, I am having issues backing up the book.  It may be my computer, but it wants to set up the drive again. 

I  backed it up from about a month ago. Now when I try to back it up before reformatting my hard drive, it acts like its a new drive.  Should I just do that? Or suggestions?

The second issue is that I cannot relocate the original CD.  I see that I can download the firmware.  I am trying to find the best way to manage my data and not lose data when I reload the data to my reformatted hard drive.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Sorry your having problems here with your drive.  What software are you using to backup your drive, and which model of drive do you have?  You may need to manually copy and paste data depending on the state of your computer.