Computer freezes

Hi all, - running windows 7 64bit  - when I plugged WD My Book Essential 2TB drive unit functions ok - I installed WD Smartware & backed up computer.  Problem is that when I reboot or start computer it always freexes as it is starting up - if I unplug the power to the WD the computer continues to start.   Any Ideas.   thanks

Look in the BIOS and make sure USB is after hard drive. If that isn’t it try uncheckiing legacy devices in BIOS. That may cause problems with USB mouse and keyboard.


yes bios is ok hd 1st usb 3rd

I have the same problem:


Windows XP 64 bit, SP3, Hewlett Packard Z800


Western Digital ‘My book’ external drive attached to machine.  When machine is rebooted the system hangs at message “Attempting to start from hard drive” then system hangs at windows operating system selection screen.  No MS splash screen appears.

Action Taken

Confirmed boot sequence in BIOS, ran check disk on C.  The system will complete startup normally if the WD drive is disconnected.

BIOS  of HP was updated to 03.19 Rev. A, disabled USB devices in BIOS but no change.

Connected a 250Gb external drive to USB port boot time was 1 minute into windows

Connected a 1Tb ‘My book’ external drive to USB port boot time was 7 min into windows (unacceptable):cry:.