Computer freezes when 1TB my book is connected

I have been using a Wd 1Tb drive for many many months with no problems.  now it freezes my computer (A Dell Inspirion) whenever i plug it in,  i have all my music on this drive and will be highly dissapointed if i can not get it back.  i have it backed up onto another WD 1TB because i have had great success in using WD.  I disabled the USB, I turned off the boot sequence and it still freezes as soon as i plug it in.  another computer freezes also when i plugged it in.  Is this thing ruined? if so why should i stay with WD?

I have the same problem, I bought a WD My Book Essential 1TB a few week ago and tested it on another computer and worked fine but when I connect it to my Dell Inspirion 1420 Laptop, the computer recognices the hard drive and then freezes and I have to unplug the computer because it doesn’t let me restart even if I disconnect the external hard drive. Is this some sort of driver issue?

Same problem here :manmad: 

It freezes my PC, but it freezes my WDTV as well. That tells me that is not virus or driver issue.

Most probably Mybook hardware is damaged. 

**bleep** I am about to loose my movies and music :manmad:

I should’t trust that Mybook. First time when I took it I noticed that plastic is cheap,thin, squeaky, bending… not very good quality at all. Reminds me of cheap chineese products…  

And now this… **bleep**!