Computer freezes and highest active time at 100% on WD Caviar Black


Im having trouble with my caviar black driver, periodically the computer slows down to a crawl for 30 seconds when playing games/watching video/surfing ect. When this happens the HDD activity drops to zero and highest active time peaks at 100%, I´ve seen people having these problems (based on Google searches on highest active time) but I´ve not seen it happen to the caviar black series, usually people in these threads recommended people to switch to caviar black?

This problem has been going on for quite a while, as of now the only component not switched out is the DVD reader, EVERYTHING else has been switched at one time, I had a Seagate that showed exactly the same symptoms as the WDCB HDD. 

EDIT: the model is  WDC WD7502AAEX-00Y9A0

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Try running the Western Digital DLG tool, you can download it from

plz disconnect the dvd reader and change the cable of your drive, then try on another sata port and see if that helps… maybe the issue is simple and we should fix it quicly