Computer does not shut down/go to sleep mode

I recently bought My Book Live 2 GB and connected to my wireless router. I was able to set it up easily, nothing went wrong. But since it is on the network i experience:

  1. Read/write speed of 2MBps (standard file copy from browser) over wireless.

  2. When I try to put my laptop in sleep mode, the screen goes blank and after about 5-10mins i see blue screen followed by an automatic restart.

  3. Same happens when i try to shut down my laptop, so i have to force shutdown everytime. This does not happen when I am not in the home network (working from office for eg.)

  4. The USB does not function as plug and play. If I remove a USB mouse, I cannot plug it in again and start using. I have to restart the laptop with USB mouse plugged in.

Any idea what is wrong? These problems started only when My Book Live was connected and installed.


Read/write speeds will be dtermined by the wireless signal quality, you may try transfering files having the laptop wired to the router to see if this makes a difference.

For the other issues you are having them may be caused by an antivirus or firewall, please try disabling them to compare results.  If the sisue is not fixed you may contact WD support.

Apologies for a late reply.

I tried to connect directly yo my computer’s lan port. I get speeds of 30-40MBps.

Additional observations:

USB worked until the drive was not detected (but i could still access my data and the dashboard with a bad network link error) by WD quickview (or by using ‘find drive’ option from CD). Then I turned off my windows firewall, and the drive was detected by WD quickview, smartware. It was at that point USB stopped working.

When USB doesnt work, the computer wont shut itself down, or go to sleep either!

My networking knowledge is limited, please help!


After the harddrive is detected by WD smartware/quickview the transfer rates rise to 40-50MBps. I have a gigabit lan on my laptop.