Computer does not recognize the external drive

I have had the Book 250g drive for about 3 years and it had performed great. I went away for the weekend, shut down the computer and when I returned the computer did not recognize the drive. I tried the Data Lifeguard but since the computer doesn’t see it the Lifeguard can’t help. The light is still on:(

Did you try removing the drive rebooting and plugging back in?


Thanks Joe,

 I have tried this. But will try again at this suggestion


Ran into the same problem, tried using it on a different computer with the same result.

I was going to just throw it away, but decided to remove it from the case. ( if yours is still under warranty, don’t do it )

Turns out the controller was no longer working. Installed it in my primary computer as a slave drive and it works perfectly.

The WD2500c032 is a legacy drive, so a EIDE connecter works. I have since replaced this with a couple of smaller Passport drives which works just great. Hope this helps.