Computer does not recognize Hard drive at all

Here is the problem, the element 3TB WD green drive was always sit on the back of my TV and connected to our TV. Last month it was ok, but after that I haven’t touched it. My 1 year old son might dragged the cable few times, maybe some shaking occurred as well, but shouldn’t be a big fall and strong impact on the body. When I connect it back to any computers, it just doesn’t show any signal in my computer, I can hear the spinning at the beginning, but after about 1min, it just stopped. The white LED is always flashing as long as you connect USB 2.0 cable to computer. No disk found in Disk management at all.

Here is what I have already tried, 1. I disassembled the hard drive, and connect it directly to a computer board with sata cable and also the power cable, it doesn’t show anything but the beginning spinning, same sata cable connect with another hard drive works fine. So it is not the USB and power problem. 2. I doubt about the oxidation on PCB preamp and VCM contacts, and use white eraser to gently clean the oxidation by following @fzabkar’s instruction(Appreciate), it doesn’t work.

So guys, is there any other methods I can try to fix my hard drive, I have really important data stored inside of the hard drive. Thank you for you help.