Computer and Router can't see My Book World 2TB

Had to unplug my drive recently and when I plugged it back in neither my computer nor router could see it.

When I have it plugged into my router, the light on the router port lights up; but when I view the list of attached devices the drive doesn’t show up.

So I tried to plug it directly into my computer and the computer registers something connected to the ethernet port but I can’t access it.

Can’t figure out what to do next.

Miscellaneous info:

The bottom light of the white bar of lights is the only one on.

The power off button doesn’t seem to work, so I had to unplug it instead.

When powering up, the bottom light stays on and occasionally the top light goes on then off.

Since there has been no response, I’m thinking about just popping out the drive out of the casing and hooking it up to my computer to retrieve the data.  Is there anything I should be wary of if I do this?