Composite output grayscale and desynced vertically

My WD TV Streaming Media Player just today started having video issues. As the title says, the composite output is grayed out, with some colors animated static. The vsync is also off, so the picture cycles rapidly from top to bottom. Strangely, if I (with memorized remote navigation) attempt to switch the output to HDMI (with no connection), the screen goes black for a moment, comes back to a normal picture for a few seconds, then cycles back to the errant output.

My primary TV doesn’t have HDMI input, but it does have DVI. So, by simply connecting it with a HDMI - DVI cable, the composite video reverts to normal, and all is fine.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I imagine it’s a problem aging hardware, or a loose solder (perhaps to ground), or something like that, which gets “fixed” if a mux or something is enabled for HDMI support.

For now, I have a jerry-rigged solution, but I’m curious if it’s a common occurrence, and maybe my fix might help someone else.

Are you sure you haven’t inadvertently switched the composite output to PAL instead of NTSC (or vice versa)?

Boy, I have egg on my face. Yes, it was incorrectly set to PAL, instead of NTSC. My wife said our 5 year old was playing with the TV remote today, she must have meant the WD remote. (I quickly found out it wasn’t a problem with the TV, so I figured he hadn’t done any damage.)