New unit looks great.  but what the **bleep** where did component (YPbPr), go.  I dont have hdmi at the moment.  I cant see upgrading my wdtv live unit to the wdtv live 2 only to be forced back to composite (standard A/V)

Yup; No component.

Yipper cables went the way of the dodo… it adds to the cost of the unit to have support and almost every HD capable TV has HDMI now. It’s fine for the high-end unit (aka the Hub) to have it, but the lower end units need to be cheap enough for WD to sell a ton of them - the more units they sell the more incentive to keep the product updated with new stuff… of everything they could have dropped this is the best possible option imho.

I have the same problem.  I need the freaking component!  I know my TV’s really getting outdated now (Pioneer Elite RPTV), but in order to replace it, I have to demolish a built-in cabinet and rebuild it for a new TV…not cool.  

I guess we could always go the way of the HDMI to component decoders…