Component Video Output doesn't work

So I’ve had my live hub for about a week now and I finally got around to trying out the component video outputs. The only problem is that they don’t work… Ugh!!! I tried all of the output settings and I only get a bit of scrambled jarbled mess out of the 480p 60hz setting. None of the rest of the settings work at all. I konw it’s not the component cable or the TV itself because I can hook up my digital cable box to it and it works just fine using the same cable and same inputs on the TV. I also tried hooking it up to my flat panel computer monitor with a Component to VGA adapter cable. I get the same jarbled mess at the 480p 60hz setting and nothing else on the rest of the settings. I have to say that I’m a bit miffed that this doesn’t work right out of the box. It’s brand new.

Unless there is something that I’m missing, I’m gonna chalk this up to a faulty component video output jack.

Any other thoughts?

What output HAD you been using?    If it was HDMI, you might have to hook up the COMPOSITE cables, disconnect the COMPONENT and HDMI cables, and then go make the settings in the menu.   I’ve heard some people say they’ve had issues moving between HDMI and component…

Hooking it up to an LCD monitor with an adapter cable may not work if your monitor doesn’t support the same frequencies and timings used by standard component.   Also, computer monitors are RGB based, whereas component video is YUV-based; so unless that adapter adjusts for that, that can actually cause problems.

Another possibility is that your Hub is somehow set to PAL instead of NTSC or vice versa.   That can be corrected by finding the little reset button on the bottom of the unit, and press the button for MORE THAN 10 seconds.  (See Page 9 of the manual for details.)

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t have a high def TV yet. Had one, a really nice one, but divorce is a **bleep**… Lol!

I have it hooked up to my standard def TV via composite. I was curious to see how much improvement the component connection would make if any. The problem is, it just simply doesn’t work. I know it’s not the TV, because I can hook my digital cable box up with the component connection and it works just fine. I can even use the same cable and it works. I’ve tried every single output setting, including swtiching between PAL and NTSC. I realize the adapter cable was a long shot, but I thought I’d try it.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m afraid I’ve narrowed the problem down to the WD Live Hub. Big dissapointment, because the thing is brand new. I hate it when stuff doesn’t work right out of the box.

The other thing that they really really really really need to fix on this thing is the ability to read the DVD-A format and send it to an audio reciver via HDMI.

You need to make sure your TV supports 480 PROGRESSIVE format. Lots of older TVs do NOT, and that’s the minimum format the Hub supports on Component and HDMI outputs. If your cable box works, that just means the TVs ports are OK, but if the cable box does 480i, then that explains it.

I will check that… It’s a good possibility that’s the problem. Thanks! I’ll get back to you and let you know.