Component video on SONY KP 53V85

Trying to connect a new TV Hub to a Sony KP 53V85 projection TV via the component inputs.  Using a real component video cable but the video looks as if it was not syncing correctly - vertical lines and unviewable. Tried both sets of component inputs on the TV.  When I use the composite input, I can see the WD home screen but the picture is not great.  I’m hoping component video will improve this.  HDMI not an option on this old Sony.  Is there a setting on the Hub I need to change?

You have to go to the component setup in the video setup menu and see that you have set the resolution of the hub to match the ability of the tv. 

Thanks richUK.  I’ll have to try and find out what this old Sony will support.  Can you give me a hint on what I’m looking for?

You may have to set it up for 480p in the hub component menu. It is possible that the TV is only 480i which unfortunately the hub does not support.

The 480 bit is the number of lines and then its p for progressive scan or i for interlaced. If it was a modern set then you could go up to 720 or 1080.

Dang! Only supports 480i.  Okay then, before I take the Hub back and start saving for a new TV, will this work for composite video? Or do I still need 480p as a minimum? Is there a Hub setting for composite that will make the picture acceptable (not wide screen, etc)?

Composite is 480i, so no worries there.

(Assuming, of course, you’re in “NTSC” territory.   It does 576i if you’re in “PAL” territory.)

Yes, NTSC territory, thanks.

Sorry I should have said that the hub does not support 480i on the component inputs. The Composite input should work OK as NTSC is naturally 480i.