Component video not working?

I’ve used composite video with the hub tons of times since I got it and it’s worked just fine. I wanted to try to enhance the quality by switching to component, so bought a new component cable (therefore the cable could be somehow at fault, don’t know). Upon noticing it didn’t seem to work, I plugged the composite video (only way I can see) into another port and tried going thru the different 60hz modes available on the component A/V menu and switching back to the component input each time. I also tried this procedure again with turning off the hub and unplugging the composite cable and turning it back on in between. Nothing. The component cable input does in fact seem to detect there is the cable plugged in via on screen dialog but I don’t get any picture, just a grey slightly jumpy screen with a “no signal” message from my TV. I’ve scanned my TV’s manual and it doesn’t say anything about this sort of problem or what type of signal/quality it will or will not support, just that component should apparently work, so I’m at a loss.

Has anyone seen this post? :/

Maybe the component cable is not working like you said… have you tried HDMI Cable to get better quality?

What is the make and model of your TV?

My TV has no HDMI input. Also thought I’d note that I tried to play something and then switch it to component with just the audio plugs on the component cable and despite no visuals, at least the audio part of the cable works. Once again, onscreen text tells me there is a component cable plugged up too, so it at least mostly works…

My TV is an RCA F36650.

Ok, after looking over the manual for your TV I have to ask.  Did you set the channel on the TV for your HUB?  You would do it the same way your manual states setting up for a DVD player

It may be that your TV requires a 480i component input. Unfortunately the hub does not do 480i via component.

I’ve been stumped every way I try to connect. In HDMI I get snowy picture with Netflix.  I searched for that and a ‘resolution’ that it must be the TV not supporting HDCP.  Manual for my Philips says “HDMI uses HDCP copy protection.”  Strike one for clarity.

So I want to watch Netflix, and try component - what I get is the startup screen, then blackness.  TV manual says it supports component input, but not clear on whether it is limited to 480i.  Says it supports 1080i.

I guess it’s time to try composite.