Component & HDMI cable questions re current video problems


Recently all videos watched through the media player constantly jump back and forth between proper colours and badly discloured (ie strong reddish/greenish tint), so I’m thinking it’s time to try a new cable and would appreciate some advice.

I’m looking for a component cable compatible with the WD TV Live HD Media Player, WDAAP0000NBK. Anyone know where I might find one of these online?

Or would it be easier to opt for HDMI, in which case,  anyone have a recommendation for a good HDMI cable to use with the WD?


I would definately recommend using a HDMI cable if your TV has HDMI 

Personally, i buy cheap HDMI Cables (a couple of dollars off ebay) they work fine for me, no problems

Be aware, HDMI Cable prices are the biggest retail rip-off  (i had a customer who paid $200 for a 1.5 meter cable… insane)

Here’s a article for some light reading

P.S. If you decide to get a Component Cable for the WDTV Live, be aware the WDTV has different pinouts compared to a standard cable… but there is a workaround

Just about everyone, anywhere, has access to Amazon, so buy cables from there.  They have a line of cables of all kinds called Amazon Basics that are good and inexpensive. When I set up my entertainment system a few years ago, I bought a bunch of the same cables for the 4 HDMI inputs on the TV and the five ports on the HDMI switchbox, (and all 9 ports are in use!) 

I bought these cables, and they work well, and being light weight, they were easy to thread through a cabinet.  I even bought a few shorter HDMI cables, too.